Product Name : Crystal Pleating Machine MY-1620
Product Introduction



CRYSTAL PLEATING MACHINE has developed one of the Most efficient and labour saving pleating machine to pleat Crystal Accordinon design for Fashion and Boutique Houses.

It is a Fully Auto-matic controlled machine, control from a switch sum-synchronized speed and 24 hourly operation programming can be viewed and manifested easily.

It is capable to pleat CRUSTAL design and its production speed varies from 50/200 Pleats per minute depending on pleat height. Size varies from one m/m to six m/m.


Size (L)2450mmx (W)1300mmx (H)1500mm
Working Area 3000mmx3000mm
Width 1620mm
Power Consumption Maximum 8.0Kw
Supply Voltage & Phase As Requested
Weight 850kg
Motor 1HP As motor
Pleating Speed 50-200 Pleat Par Minute